Gooseberry puddings

I think these have a bit of a vintage feel to them. I can imagine these being baked in an Edwardian kitchen or even in a big Victorian manor house. Of course there they would be baking them individually in little pudding basins and then carefully turning them out onto dainty plates to be served.

Gooseberry puddings

250g gooseberries
1 vanilla bean
5-7 cardamom pods
4 eggs
100g ground almonds
100g sugar
100g butter
2tbsp Cognac
120g cream cheese

Take a saucepan and a mixing bowl. Carefully halve the vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds and put them into the bowl, then toss the scraped bean into the saucepan.

Top and tail the gooseberries and add to the saucepan with the cardamom and a spoonful of sugar. Cook this over a low heat for about 15 minutes, tossing occasionally, until the berries soften a little but are still holding their shape. Set aside and let cool.

Crack the eggs into the mixing bowl, add the sugar and ground almonds and whisk through. Next, melt the butter and pour it into the batter while you keep whisking.

Add the Cognac and whisk until your batter seems smooth. Lastly, add the cream cheese and mix only a little.

Place a layer of gooseberries on the bottom of four ramekins or teacups and divide the batter among them. Scatter some more gooseberries on top and bake in a 180C oven for 30 minutes.

Smoked eel open sandwiches, eel smörrebröd two ways. One warm, one cold.

On the left, beetroot and apple salad on a toasted rye bread topped with smoked eel fillets and a fried egg.
On the right, seeded rye bread, quick cucumber pickles, horseradish sauce, smoked eel, quail eggs and salmon roe.

Spooncakes, made by granny. She made me pancakes the size of a teaspoon when I was little. Pancakes the size of a two euro coin. Flipping them over one by one, so patiently.
I love those puffed and crispy edges.

Easter bunny and devilled eggs.
Devilled eggs seen here in two flavours - beetroot and bacon eggs on the top plate, cured sprat and salmon roe eggs on the centre plate.

Easter bunny and a smörgåstårta. Bunny is my secret sweets jar. I guess the secret is out now.
But not to worry, Nööbi is guarding the bunny. Ahh, all is well.

Roast pork smörgåstårta.

20 slices of toast
600g roast pork, preferably home made, with a bit of fat on it too
150ml mayonnaise
100ml meat juices from the roasting pan or meat stock
2 tbsp mustard

400g cream cheese with herbs and garlic
1 large avocado
80ml mayonnaise
150g butter

quail eggs
ham rolls
seedless grapes
micro salad greens
a bunch of radishes

Start by making the fillings.
To make the pork filling, place the pork, meat juices and mayonnaise in a food processor and process it all to a homogeneous paste. Mix in the mustard and taste for seasoning. If the meat was well seasoned, then should not need to add any. Set aside.
To make the cream cheese filling, place the cream cheese, avocado and mayonnaise in a food processor and process until smooth.
The fillings should have a soft consistency like a good whole fat yoghurt but should not be runny.

Divide the toast into piles of four slices and trim off all the crusts. You can either use them as are (for a square shaped cake) or cut them into triangles to make a circle.
Arrange the triangles as a pinwheel, trimming the outer tips, to make a circle.

Place eight triangles on a platter, spread with a good amount of pork filling and top with another set of toast triangles. Now spread these with the cheese filling. The filling should be thicker than what you'd normally put on your sandwich, about 7-8mm or a third of an inch.
Continue to stack and spread until you run out of toast. Pile any remainder of the pork filling on top and smooth it out.
You should have five layers of toast with three layers of pork and two layers of cheese.
You should be left with about a 100g of cream cheese filling. Mix that with soft butter and use this mixture to cover all around the sides. I even had enough to cover the top.
Cover the cake with cling film and pop into the fridge.

Just before serving, garnish the sides with radish slices. On top I put micro salad leaves, halved seedless grapes, cheese-filled ham rolls, halved quails eggs and radish slices.
Popular garnishes also may include gherkins, pickles, cherry tomatoes, physalis, olives, oranges, cheese rolls etc.

For step by step photos see the contribution over at Frankie  magazine.